Everybody knows an audition has its own rationale. It is helpful to know it and know how to deal with it. It’s not about withstanding the pressure, but to accomplish the personal best performance full of energy and joy. That’s when we are talking about a sense of achievement! “Audition Training” requires the basic knowledge of the module “Strong Nerves”. The playful preparation, the realization with ease and the way until there are being taken up.

Summed up it is about:
• what does an audition mean for the nerve system
• how an audition will always be a successful experience
• optimize your physical energy
• rituals of preparation
• top performance for a jury
• organize the own career
• “what to do, if…” – reacting accordingly to unexpected happenings
• the inner dialogue as a source of energy
• emotionalizing
• enactment and the basics of enactment progresses
• the jungle of the collective nonsense
• the “dramatic necessity”