The hologram strategy is a fresh, surprisingly effective approach that even helps with performers burn-out syndrome.

The most threatening thing in professional music business is success without fulfillment, without enjoyment and/or without a sense of achievement. Rerunning this condition for a longer period of time it can lead to performers burn-out syndrome.
Hereby it is negligible what exactly is getting in the way, may it be the own nerves, personal or ensemble related reasons or a lack of motivation, missing perspective or missing enthusiasm.
The hologram strategy is an emotional map for career specific revalidation to get back to enthusiastic and passionate music making "like in old days".

Due to prevailing circumstances it is in our interest that all relevant people functioning in an orchestra or at the stage get to know and apply the strategy. How you get your hologram strategy, find out in the video.

Why hologram?

A hologram is characterized by a laser beam – therefore the bundled possibilities – that hits a slide palette. That action instantly results in a perfect 3D-performance of the information stored in the slide palette.

This information is the link between all possibilities (reference beam) and the actual choice from it (action beam). The performance is always a perfect image/reflection of the view of the action beam. This makes the hologram a possible proof for the fact that the performance corresponds to the sensed thoughts.