Leonhard Kubizek, mastermind behind mymozartScan, began his working life as a musician (1982: "Musician of the Year" and award winner (BBC) "International Musician of the Year", 1983: Debut at the Salzburg Festival with Mozart's Clarinet-concerto), professional magiciandirector and Performers Burn-Out Syndrome expert.

Since 1988 mentoring works with and for performing artists (including Jeff Goldblum, John Malkowich, Kiefer Sutherland), orchestras (amongst others Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker), television broadcasters (a.o. ORF, WQED, Pro7, MTV) and film companies (a.o. Warner Bro., Pittsburgh).

Leonhard has written several bestselling books (including "Success works Wonders", "Mind Tools", and "Finally Free from Stage Fright") and has worked together with a multitude of organisations across the world (including Mind Concepts and Time Corp., New York, Austrian Government, ISSTIP <International Society for the Study of Tension in Performance>).