Welcome! Thanks and congratulation for joining this adventure!

We are proud and also convinced that this is a real chance and simultaneously filling a gap, which we found out needs to be filled urgently! All of the thoughts and ideas presented here are not only “maneuver-tested” but do also have considerable experience at the front. And expressions like maneuver and front are intended to be only a little ironic-exaggerated. Many times our daily tasks seem to be overly exhausting, arduous and sometimes even extremely painful, because we think we cannot really rely on our nerves.

The reason why it is that bad, is because it doesn’t have to be this way! In this book we will show you the easy but necessary steps you have to know in order to always be able to enjoy what you are doing and to know what you can do to change it when it is enough!

This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t despair any more. But you should at least be able to enjoy being lousy and also know, what you can do to change that again when it’s enough.

Also we are enjoying being the majority!
Both of us (thus two) will show you personally, how you can obtain the most out of this book and how you can help many, many people by carrying on the fire instead of the consecration of ashes. We have already had the privilege of accompanying many people that have been in the same or at least a similar situation. (Now that’s quite a mouthful!) They wanted to make a contribution that is lasting and self-sufficient. This is what we are reporting about here. It’s about the “content” and not about the “packaging”! With this eBook we invite you to our world and we will try to show you the very best out of our tool box in a compact way. So please don’t get distracted by the form or extent of the book and stay focused on the real important things within it.

In order to help you know whom are you dealing with, we will drop some words about us:
I, Leonhard, who is writing these lines now, have been a musician initially (at the age of 4 I had been “convinced” to play the piano and later on I also played the clarinet) who played numerous solo concerts at many places even with well-known colleagues and orchestras. Subsequently I studied film directing and focused soon on the personal support – as a director – of people who are under a high nervous tension. I have formulated these experiences from the last 25 years together with some of the finest minds into mymozartScan and I am dedicating my live and my work with full conviction to the idea of making life of as many people as possible easier, more joyful and more peaceful – regardless of rank and age, wealth or power!

Katharina on the other side is a well experienced singer and vocal pedagogue, has absolved many additional trainings (e.g. Otho-Bionomy Practitioner) to raise her competence to a level, for which she has been known for many years now. She is for sure one of the very best when it comes to realizing sensed thoughts and emotions within the body and anchor these sustainably!

But now to our collective mission: We can already look at our world as a functioning organism with an organization based on natural laws. From this perspective it doesn’t matter whether the new things arise from the ruins of destruction or whether we keep our social level of development and keep on moving towards the new harmoniously. To use a picture from art: the music, the melodies, the harmonies and the rhythms will be the same – it will only be played by either a string-quartet or a symphony orchestra! It’s now about the refinement of the world through the refinement of each member. Only if you can feel how wonderful and unique YOU are, you can make EVERBODY else feel how wonderful and unique they are at some point. The tools introduced in this trainings-set can contribute to making you a whole. This comes in handy, because all of a sudden, when it comes down to it, you will not have to be fighting against yourself anymore. So you are bridging a gap, where the nerve system lives one of its sides. This is your operating system that helps you to feel good and will therefore try to avoid everything that might be unpleasant for you. On the other side there is your world that you are constantly interpreting and commenting through your thoughts, your emotions and your body. So our exercises are about the unity of thoughts, emotions and physical sensation. Only if these three cornerstones work together in the desired direction, the control mechanism, thus the nerve system, can understand what it is supposed to do. Therefore it is important to take a physical snapshot of yourself before each exercise. One has to bear in mind: “How am I feeling?” and after the exercise again: “Has anything changed for example about my breathing, my body sensation, the energy, the tension and so on? If yes, where and how?” If we don’t do that, miracles might happen without us noticing them. As powerful as these exercises are, as much do they want to be trained (after all exercises are only humans themselves)!  Become better at strengthening your “emotional muscle”! Change the “hope of succeeding” into “conviction”! For that we are using all that you are already capable of and that works for you already. That is the good news! Many things you know already and you can use it right away without any delay. In this case it doesn’t matter whether you have already used it until now or not. Because the past does not block the future!

You will get to know you “inner magical place”, a “vacation resort for your soul”: How exactly do I define for myself the most beautiful place? If everything is possible and I am the only creator of this place! What does this “inner magical place” look like? Is there water, forest, mountains or meadows – or everything? My very personal paradise! Which season and which time of the day do we have there? What can I hear, what can I smell, what can I feel? What does the ground feel like? I do have this place with me now anytime and everywhere I go. With some practice this place can be reached easily and quickly and I can relax and recover there, can gather new strength and can think about how I feel being a giant, a bird, or even a winner!

Finally you will make a list of things that you really like! Something you really love or that makes you happy. You will need these things to show your nerve system when there is a reason for it to celebrate. So don’t hesitate! Make such a list at a given time and write down all the small and big things that bring you joy. Whenever you are experiencing a small success, when you are feeling really good, when an exercise turns out well, you “feed” this behavior by doing something good to yourself from this list. So you will lean in a very easy and effective way!

You will experience that “every sensed thought tends to get real!” This means that your body will react to everything that you are imagining and that you imagining being part of. What’s important is that these sensed thoughts have to be formulated in a positive way (Or try now to NOT think about a pink elephant with a small yellow hat on its right ear). Healthy humans will just for that reason think about the pink elephant now, because one has to know what he doesn’t want to be thinking about.

This brings us to an important point: We are assuming that we are communicating as healthy people with each other. This means that the nervousness, the annoying stage fright or the test anxiety that we are talking about here are not caused by a physical or psychological illness! We are talking to you as “emotional fitness coaches”! The trainings-set does not substitute a medical or psychological treatment from a clinical psychotherapist, a doctor or medical personnel. Neither does it constitute a recommendation, to refrain from receiving such a treatment or cancel it. If that means that you do not wish to continue reading anymore, or if you belong to that group of people that only read the first chapter of a book, then you have accomplished that now. You are done already!

Maybe you wish to leave us some words of gratitude? Therefore we do have this eMail address: office@mymozartscan.com – and of course we are always happy to be recommended to someone that would benefit from it.