Memories – Emotion storage

Read this paragraph first. Then close your eyes and imagine a concrete situation that is unpleasant to you. A situation that means the maximum of pain for your Berta. Explore yourself in this situation. How do you feel physically? Your head ... your belly ... the feet ... how does each element feel like? ... How fast are you breathing? ... What are you thinking? Take your time to feel really powerless from the inside out. Maybe do this exercise now! Right now! What is the most unpleasant feeling that you can feel at the moment? Your whole body, your whole mind feels powerless. All right? Then please do the exercise right now.

OK! Please stand up now. Shake your arms, shake your whole body and jump up and down for a few times - and it goes on: Think of a situation in which you can feel the joy over your whole body. How do you feel? How does your mind feel when you are happy? Do you feel strong or weak? Imagine yourself looking into a mirror and think of your face when you are happy, does it look happy or sad? Do you stand upright or are you bending down? Do your muscles feel vigorously or flabby? How do you feel the joy? Close your eyes again and do this exercise now, please.

And now again the other way round. Feel great pain! Leave your eyes open this time. Arise and then walk in a circle while you do this exercise. Imagine you are very small and puny! How are you walking? Do you go fast or slow? With large or small steps? Are you walking upright or are you bending? Are you breathing fast or slow? Do you feel heavy or light? Memorize this feeling deeply! Try it out right now!

Now again the opposite. This time walk with the feeling of being a winner. Really, go now! Look upright. You are now the victorious general / the victorious mistress, who is not afraid of any obstacle. How do you feel exactly? How do you breathe? How are you moving? Which energy do you radiate? What is happening with you? Watch yourself from the inside and from the outside. Do you laugh or do you look serious? You are the winner! You walk upright. You have great pleasure now! You should remember this joy! Where exactly do you feel this joy in your body? How do you know that you are so excited? How do other people recognize this? This is exactly how it works! Please make this exercise right now.

Repeat these last two exercises for a few times. Feel alternating the two feelings joy and pain. Only be satisfied with yourself when you really know how to feel both emotions the right way! Joy and pain, joy and pain. So, you can equally train your ‘Berta awareness’ over your body and your mind!

And now something else: Go to a mirror and look at your face. Try to express both feelings, joy and pain, only with your face. How do you look like as a loser or as a winner? Make as many grimaces as possible to show this! These face grimaces need to express the feeling as precisely as possible! MUSICIANS FOR REFUGEES – Memories. Great pain. Great joy. Not only somehow! Immediately and clearly. Please do your best here! Wischiwaschi effort brings wischiwaschi results! And that is simply not enough! Please make the exercise right now! Your time is too precious that you can simply let pass this opportunity.

Well, there you are! Wasn’t it a really good experience? But now there comes the most important thing: Go back to the mirror and make the happiest and the most positive face that you are able to do with your face! Record your most victorious posture. Laugh! Be happy! Look in the mirror with a lot of energy. If you think that you have the right face, hold on to this expression. Now try to feel powerless with this face. Hold your face positively, but feel powerless at the same time! Just try it. Control your face. You are allowed to vary a bit. You will see: it is impossible. If you are happy, I mean really happy, with full of joy, you can only feel happy. Who looks happy, just have to feel good. So you can easily turn on the emotions whenever and wherever you are.

You have just proved that your current mood can be controlled by your posture and your facial expression. This means: Whoever feels powerless, only needs to switch in to a positive or pleasure mood in his mind and immediately, without any delay, the mood will turn into the desired direction!

The prevailing mood has to do more with success or failure in any activity than everything else. The prevailing mood is crucial, because it is more important than strength, intelligence, ingenuity or diligence. You can support yourself when you want to study, even if you initially didn’t want to study. Look friendly! Laugh! Your Berta, your nervous system, cannot tell whether you laugh honestly or whether you only pretend it. She will think you are really happy and immediately you can concentrate better. And after a short time you will really get a joyful mood! That's the magic of your mind-body-feeling triad!

But you have to train a lot to switch right your mood only in your mind. Again and again, incessantly. Be aware of the expression of your body and of your face to other people. Train as often as possible to convey a joyful and victorious mood and you will feel happy and victorious and in return be happy and victorious as well! This is passion, this is real life. Someone who knows what he wants to achieve in life, will always success. Imagine each test situation with the pain-mood and once with the joy-mood before you are actually doing it. Train this scene backwards and forwards. Then, just before the examination, only train the joyful mood. Make sure that throughout the whole test your body, including the face and muscles, is set to a cheerful mood. Body and face should think: hurraaa! So you already start with a positive impression and the examination has already a much, much, much better chance to succeed!

Is it possible to set ‘conditions’ for this feeling? Is it possible that you no longer have to think of this, because it has become part of the personality of Berta? Yes, it is! We will show you how, just right now!