The best always comes for last, or at least almost!
We have gone a long way with you, to finally put together the different paths.
But what is expecting you now, is the quintessence of being! This is where greatness and uniqueness units with secureness and connectedness – the ultimate challenge of our live, from the very first heartbeat on!
Get to know and appreciate your “Inner Magic Place” (IMP) and you will have found your infinite source of joy, strength (and now we have to say it directly even though it might sound pathetically) love (for yourself and for others)! We have dedicated many years of attention to this Inner Magic Place! It connects the latest state of art of neuro-sciences with a spiritual comprehension in the best sense. The IMP is a playground and vision of your Berta/your nerve system, it unites body, spirit and emotions – with other words, the Inner Magic Place is simply amazing!

In order for you to get to know and love it, we warmly invite you to a workshop. You will therefore read the exact IMP transcript from a two day seminar, to get the maximum flair and the sense of community. So please imagine you are at the intensive seminar with us. It is the first day, the lunch break has just ended and Leonhard is talking to you with a calm voice:

“We have all been eating well and are now nicely relaxed, … We are taking a seat in a comfortable position and whoever wants to, will no close the eyes. … You are now breathing in and out deeply,… your heart beat is peaceful and steady, … the breathing is also calm and steady. You are doing well, you are feeling comfortable… and somehow you let the feeling happen that you get carried away by a cloud…and now you are completely free in time and space…you are just letting things happen, that happen on their own… . And let yourselves get carried far away and hear our voices, … just as if our voices would accompany you anywhere. … And you can probably imagine, that you are seeing a beautiful meadow in front of you all of sudden, … a meadow we you will be carefully landing on, … and where you will just be taking a look around. … If you are now breathing in and out deeply, you will be breathing in the meadow deeply… and you are noticing this very special and specific smell, that lingers here on the meadow … And maybe you can also hear something: … Is it the wind or maybe the humming of some insects? … And it is your meadow and your place …. What’s the time? And which season do we have at the moment? … Can you feel the ground? Is it mossy-soft or rather hard,… can you feel the wind, … what’s the temperature like? … And all of a sudden you know that you can imagine anything at this place.
You are just perfect at this spot, … and there is also a very particular tree, that you might not even have noticed yet…. And you are suddenly able to build up a sort of energy bridge, … just as if the energy was coming from you … and directly wraps this tree. … And you manage to send some energy directly into that tree. … You are sending energy, … and all of a sudden you are getting the impression that this tree is growing through the energy that you are sending there, … it is starting to grow and getting stronger and stronger and more powerful. … And you all know that this tree has grown bigger and stronger because of your power and your concentration.
… And now you are suddenly imagining how it would be to be able to fly, … just flying, … you can simply access the feeling and it’s easy to fly around, … simply hover freely in time and space. … And you can feel the wind, … you can feel the sensation you get, when you are flying up high, … completely without worries and with extended arms over your meadow, over your Inner Magic Place.
At some point you are forming the thought to land again slowly and smoothly, … and within nothing you are standing at your place again, … at the same spot as before, … and now you are simply starting to grow yourselves. … Your whole body is getting tall, huge and you are getting taller and taller… and somehow it is an interesting feeling to be that huge. … If you are now simply and quietly saying “Hu”, that there is still a great intensity within that “Hu”, … because you are so tall now. … You are turning back into normal now and you know that you can do anything at this place, … really anything, … and you can turn cartwheels… and summersaults, … you can do things you are usually not doing or have never done before. … And you know you can access these memories anywhere and anytime, … that you can do anything at this place, … whatever you want, … make it happen, … that there are no limits for you at this place . …. At this place there are no limits, … no limits of imagination, … no limits of thinking, … no limits of fantasy. … There you can do anything… and you know that you only have to think about this place, … and you immediately get the memories of the feeling, … that you can do everything there. You are memorizing this feeling indelibly, … and every one of you will remember his very special, very own Inner Magic Place…. With this feeling of security, … that you can obtain whenever and wherever, the power of this inner magical place. …With this feeling you will let yourself get carried back by the cloud, … just let anything happen that is happening without your influence and let yourself get taken back into this room, … where we are at at the moment. … You are still breathing in and out deeply … and then end this exercise by yourselves.

Alright, thank you! – What have we been doing? We have established the mighty source of power. Under normal circumstances, under normal conditions, fear causes us to imagine the worst outcome of a situation. That means that in our minds we go through a situation with thoughts of its most negative form and most negative version again and again.

With the help of this “Inner Magic Place” – how we call it – we can turn this around. We can imagine ourselves with perfect condition. We can imagine ourselves there in a way that we are able to do anything there. And we have gone through all our senses consciously: Anything you can hear, … what you can see, … what you can smell, … what you can feel, … simply for you to know, … that this imagination can be real for you, for your Berta.
And your Berta can’t make a difference, whether you are only imagining this place or you are experiencing it for real. That means, if you regularly visit this “Inner Magic Place”, if you regularly go through situations successfully and with full commitment, … exercise it, … simply train it in your mind, than you can acquire skills, that would, under different circumstances, take up a loooot more time of training, simply because you can obtain a security at this “Inner Magic Place” - … a security that causes the feeling, that you can easily do it. And you will be remembering this place, you will have memories of what you are all capable of.

So always visit your “Inner Magic Place” before any important decisions, before important exams, job interviews or auditions, tournaments or whatever you are planning to do. Train your “Inner Magic Place” every day a couple minutes maybe right after waking up or just before going to sleep … visit your “Inner Magic Place” and fall asleep there… and always wake up at your “Inner Magic Place”.
Put yourselves together a place you really like. If you like mountains, then there are mountains at this place, if you like the forest, then there is a forest and if you are into the sea, then there should be a sea. If you like it all together then you should imagine the place with everything mentioned.
Before important situations: visit that place and train the challenge, the optimum process … everything goes right, you can do anything there. Be happy and proud of it, that you can do everything perfectly there. Imagine it again and again and again, … until you can sense the feeling of total secureness that you can really do it. And if you do visit that place regularly, you will be finding it reliably within an instant.
Here another important advice: Do always enter the place with the same picture, at the same spot. Look for the same emotions and check whether you are really at this one place, because then you will have a reliable ally that’s always there for you.
And don’t forget that point: If you can’t imagine, how things are going, if they are going successfully, then look for someone who is already able to do it, … you should meet the best at the “Inner Magic Place”. Let them show you things you would like to do yourself and then get the same feeling like the people who showed you. Look at the feelings if you want to and if you need a bigger hand, then imagine yourself with a bigger hand. If you need a louder voice, then imagine yourself with a louder voice. If you need to be taller or smaller, … faster, … bigger or thinner, go ahead because at this place you can really imagine anything. Train this “Inner Magic Place” and you will obtain self-confidence, concentration and surprising results…”

So, did we promise too much? Don’t you also think that’s amazing? Try out your “Inner Magic Place” and you will be amazed just after the first intent! With the “Inner Magic Place” you are practicing all the ideas we introduced here at the same time. The more time you spend at your “Inner Magic Place” the more powerful and efficient you are “in reality”. Why is that the case? Each of your activities is preceded by a sensed thought. That means it is impossible for your actions to be more clever than your sensed thoughts. (Tippfehler beim deutschen Dokument?) With your “Inner Magic Place” you are visualizing yourself (therefore a sensed thought) in the most optimal way you can possibly be. Hence you are using the most important tool of your reality simply a little more clever!!! And that feels really good for us as well!