As important as the single steps and details, the exams, the meetings, job interviews and concerts are for the success, as important is the big arch. In every detail of your life there should be the energy of your big lifetime goal acting as a guiding force. That is why the long-term goals determine the current quality of your life; the big picture is therefore the challenge for you! A constant challenge to improve the current situation.

And therefore there is nothing more important than standing up for a peaceful, good and successful cohabitation in Europe! Especially now we need to get out and show how to enjoy the different “magnificences” in an enthusiastic, passionate and affectionate way!

Objection: But isn’t that a bit unrealistic? Can every situation still be improved? What does realistic mean in that case? The big picture is exactly the guiding line. Only who dares to reach for the stars today might have the chance to actually catch one at some point. Only who can imagine himself at the finish line e.g. as a soloist, opera star, at a leading position or pop star, as an advocate for the “old” AND the “new” Europeans, will be able to work on his own growth with more power. Think about it: We said that for out Berta the fear of pain exceeds the joy. That means that the joy I am expecting has to be way bigger than the fear of pain that I might be experiencing in this moment. For example the overcome of the own laziness to learn the rules of harmony. It is not motivation enough to rely on the joy of being able to sleep at night with a good conscience . This motivation is worthless. Also the joy of passing an exam does only have few meaning, if I don’t even know whether I will ever be able to  have a job. That’s why something magnificent needs to be your goal! You really have to manage to for example see yourself as the minister of exterior, to feel it and to recognize the importance of your own value. And a minister of exterior masters the rules of harmony.

Your own fantasy takes on the role model effect that we have been talking about all the time here. The more unrealistic a goal is, the greater the results are going to be that you will reach right now in detail. That’s why you should learn to dream! Think about the big things that are going to happen every day for a short time. How do you then feel as part of it? How have you then changed the world a little bit to the better? Attention: Do not beg and plead! “It would be nice if I could reach this or that.” Such a desire proves that you do not expect to actually ever accomplish the wonderful changes. So it more expedient to imagine right now the joy, that you personally will feel, when YOU have reached that goal! And nothing may be impossible! There are no limits. And I could tell you about many many examples from the past that might have seemed absurd at first. Or do you think that 100 years ago anybody had imagined that one day space travel would become reality, that atoms could be split into their parts, or that we could be connected with anybody in this world only through a portable minicomputer?

There will be things in the future that nobody can imagine today! Maybe you are the first person to imagine something and believe in it and most of all don’t give up on it. Or maybe you commit a mistake on your way to success and that mistake turn out to be a super-invention and you do even receive the Nobel prize for that failure! Who knows.

“And where is the safety at?” Where should it be? Safety only exists in our heads. Whoever walks the way of the own success safely, will get there safe and sound.

Do not limit yourself! Do not cut your intellectual possibilities of mental growth! Nothing is impossible. And the people, that are calling you a maniac today, will run after your idea tomorrow. Do only trust yourself and your own goals!
Finally write down some thoughts in your learning diary: Which ones are the craziest ideas, which ones the absolute pipe dreams? How can you be useful for the society, the environment, your country, Europe, the whole world? Which thoughts do only come to your mind?
These are all expedient thoughts because they help you to grow beyond the horizon. That’s when you are on a mission and your actions simply feel better!

It’s about time to know what your plans are. That’s why you have to live now and work on the realization of your dreams. Overcome the little pains, that are nothing in comparison to the success and the joy you are expecting. Learn, exercise, train now, support your uniqueness, enjoy the connectedness with the world and  give your life the meaning that you deserve!!!

Thank you for following us up until here! Have you been able to try something out?
Please let us know how you are doing!
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