This is probably the most important sentence of that book! If you are only picking up one single sentence out of this book, then please take this one! It is the translation code for the language of your Berta! No matter what you think, no matter what is really happening, no matter what rules are counting for you at the moment, every sensed though has the effort to become real!

If a thought is not sensed, meaning that you are not part of that thought on an emotional level, then your Berta can’t link up anything on that thought and that means she doesn’t understand it (or at least not the way you do understand it) and it does not affect you! Your favorite melody, which is linked up to the memories of your first kiss, is for another person probably not that interesting.

But Berta takes every sensed thought very serious. She does then link up either pain or joy and thus demonstrates you what is real for you. That is to say everything, that you are taking for real, is real or will become real. Example: You are preparing yourself mentally for your next vacation and you are maybe scared of pickpockets. Berta links up potential pain to the whole (!) vacation. Even though the warnings from your friend of pickpockets was only meant to be nice and caring. But that’s exactly why you are getting mad at the taxi driver that is detouring from your point of view! If you had let Berta – instead of the thieves – link up the world’s best olive oil, you would have seen the same taxi ride as a welcomed sight-seeing-tour to a magical place. You would have actually thanked the taxi driver for this special treatment! Berta (your nerve system) is therefore preparing you for your exactly imagined situation.

If you have linked dissonances (and even if they are only few), Berta will try for you to block this situation (!). The fear of thieves from our example makes you become tensed up and get distrustful towards everything and everyone and the pleasure and the joy of learning something new will stay away.  Berta interprets linked up harmonies as joy and will try to induce this situation (!) for you as often as possible. I am enjoying the taxi ride and the conversation, let him give me his card and I am happy to have made contacts with a local that could show me to get to the best olive oil on the island.

In both cases Berta has linked me up to my reality. The difference was determined by my focus. In one case pleasure (joy) and in the other case distrust (pain). It is no coincidence that the sensed imagination is also taking place pictorially but is caused by the structure of our culture. You are imagining many activities pictorially first, before you are actually executing it.

You are having doubts about that? Well, here comes the proof: Stand up straight in the middle of the room, where you are at, and put up both arms in front of you. Fixate on, looking over your arms, a point that is located right in front of you on the wall. Now turn your upper body and your arms slowly in one direction, but keep your feet steady on the ground. Turn your torso as much as you can, let’s say to the right side, without moving your feet.  If you have reached the possible final point of this turn, remember the point at which your arms are pointing at now.
Turn back, relax and close your eyes. Imagine this turn, the same that you have actually just executed, again. Feel for yourself how you can easily and in a relaxed way turn further than your initial personal record. Turn around all the way in your mind!
After imagining this “master turn” realistically and impressively, open your eyes and execute the turn with this new feeling again for real. You will find out that you can now turn further than at your first attempt. A pretty amazing result, right? You have not trained or performed any stretching exercises, you have “only” focused a sensed thought!

Every sensed thought has the effort – also through the body – to become real!

Apparently it is not your body that is limiting the extent and the quality of your actions, but your sensed thoughts. Or to say it with the words of Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

That is why you have to strengthen your “emotional muscle”! Berta wants you to do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t want to link up fun and joy to your activities (studying, exams, job interviews, performances, concerts, negotiations, speeches, …) for yourself then do it at least for your Berta! She wants you to be happy and proud with what you are doing, that you are enjoying what and how you are doing at the moment and she also wants you to get as much happiness and satisfaction from your life you haven’t been daring to even dream about yet!

Once you have internalized it, a new time is to come for you! No more “suffering with comfort” anymore! More easygoingness and joy with what you are doing. This is what defines your freedom. Your nerve system, the good old Berta, will that way become your biggest help, if you are cooperating with and through that get to feel an incredible power, which will help you master any upsetting situation with joy! Every sensed thought has the effort to become real!

But “how” and most of all “where” does one feel the “right” thoughts? Just keep on reading, you will find out about it!