Do not allow yourself to be talked into your thinking, because for your Berta you are living RIGHT NOW. That’s why the present is the only time where you can really act! The past and the future are only theoretical levels for Berta to express better your feelings in this moment now (two examples: ‘You only feel good NOW, because someone was kind to you in your past.’ ‘You can feel a knock in your chest NOW, because you are excited for the next day.’)

Action and body sensation are ALWAYS happening in the present! This could end in a dilemma when you imagine for example, a failure, a blackout or something similar. You can feel this nonsense exactly NOW in your body. Berta classifies it as ‘pain’ and couples it immediately to all its triggers to protect you! If you start thinking of any of those triggers, which could be a poster, a garment, a smell, an image, a voice, a person, an instrument, a building etc., your Berta turns the power off and activates the reflex of pretending to be dead. If you had experienced unpleasant examination situations, which were coupled with pain in your past, maybe many years ago at school, today you still fight with blackouts, trembling, cold hands, when you are going on stage!

Therefore, be aware of dealing your perceived energies (emotions) ALWAYS hygienic and responsible in each single moment. Your thoughts should ALWAYS act in the present through your Bertha. You should pay attention! If you are not able to focus your thoughts here and now, then stop your body from acting. Since Berta is not concentrated, all activities cannot be acted well! Namely, it is not important, what is really happening, but what things really mean to you. So all feelings connected to the situation and all related thoughts of Berta are important! But the devil lies in the detail! It's not the ‘super emotion’ that you have to get a grip again. Since you can ALWAYS feel here and now, there are many little things, all the details and the mini perspectives that represent the work order for your Berta! Your Berta doesn’t care if you're actually looking forward to your big concert next month when you feel stressed, annoyed, anxious or insure about your preparations right NOW!

We are accustomed today to feel annoyed by all the little details of life. Learning, cooking, filling the dishwasher, practicing, working, driving, cleaning up, queuing, waiting, building, mining, meetings, phone calls, consultation, answers, searching, etc. are all examples of these annoying little things! So you can imagine what damages it could cause!

For everything you can achieve awards, championships and prices! The ones who were successful and winners know how important every single moment, every detail is. Why are there no world championships in filling in the dishwasher, in being patient or in waiting? Permanent and personal success is always the sum of many little successful details. Failure is therefore simply the sum of many unused and annoying details.

Everything you do with joy will annoy you from time to time. Things you don’t like or you do without any passion will not turn out well at all! Things you do badly will harm you, because your Berta couples them with pain! As a result she tries to prevent all the pain she has coupled!

On the other hand: If you treat small things big, they stop being small for you! You are able to scrutinize them properly and in the end profit from this! Believe us, people simply don’t know how many hours of joy escapes them, because they have no time for the smaller things in live. They only focus on their "important" things. Eventually, they realize that it would not have been such important for any substantive goals to sacrifice his family and his health for strangers instead. The own children perhaps have grown older and the years have gone passed like nothing. So, they actually were nothing!

Therefore: You, just like us, we are living now! We are living with passion! We should train hand in hands to enjoy this life together! Joy is a study! A training of wonderful details! Allowing you over and over again to feel really good! Your thoughts should keep to the point, so the matter will be just with you.

It sounds almost absurd, but so many people fail at this task: to enjoy life! Please train up to keep to the point with all the things that are on your mind. Concentrate on loving all the little things in your life. If you find some actions hard to do, focus your thoughts on the joy that you can get through this as a result. Search for these positive emotions and feel how and where they affect pleasantly in your body to save them on your hard drive. From now on, this should turn out to be your hobby.

Your inner voice is telling you: ‘Well, maybe all of this applies to others, but ...! Easy to say to you, but my life is not only happy! I have to work hard!’ We already know that you might think that it would be more honest or more authentic if you suffer with comfort, but indeed could suffer at least. So let’s get even deeper into the box of tricks. For sure the following will convince you (too) 🙂