Now it's getting magical! A big secret:

You always leave the current time level through emotional connections (your Berta apparently has coupled joy or pain in the past). Constantly, your Berta is busy to compare your perception with ‘best matching’ and self-made reference memories from NOW and makes you feel the sense of linking the here and now and the reference memories! If a good memory of your last vacation suits well while you are training to play the piano, everything is wonderful! Without your intervention you will have the same holiday feelings like in your memory of the past, even though you are actually practicing piano!

On the other side you would now feel very lousy and unmotivated, very weak, timid and small, if you’d allow your Berta to connect your piano practice (NOW) with an unpleasant exam situation from your past school days. In this case, your Berta also couples equally the idea of the concert (or different situations) with the sense of failure of the last test and out of this you already feel bad about the concert, though there is still much time left to the big day!

Repetition is the mother of each skill; you will become better in it (in the sense of failure) from time to time! Your dominant mood now is probably responsible for the outcome of your concert in three weeks and influences the success!!!

Berta doesn’t care of what is really happening now, (the actual events only support your emotional state) but instead it clarifies the current meaning of things. This depends on your own personal interpretations and memories, which again leans directly on your individual perception, as well as on your current state of mind. It all might sound more complicated than it really is: Imagine you feel cheerful now. So you focus on everything funny and then of course, as result you think all of this is really funny. Later on you are not amused anymore, because it reminds you of a funny situation from your past and Berta makes you feel the exact way NOW as in your memory. This is true both in the sense of the emotion ‘pain’ as well as in the sense of the feeling ‘joy’!

So if you ever think to assess what is happening around you without emotion, think again! Master Yoda would say: ‘this is not so!’  Your emotional memory of a reference situation is always the crucial and sometimes surprisingly far away from your current ‘truth’! As this point is such important, you find an illustration below to show best the whole process:

A stimulus from your conscious world is perceived (for simplicity we neglect the subjective fuzziness of perception criteria’s completely).

Your perception is unconsciously interpreted (from Berta) and thus assigned unconsciously to a feeling connection. The connection of feelings (!) causes your actual action (reaction).

Your action (effective response) is now rationalized with hindsight and is incorrectly coupled to the original appeal. This outcome is what you save as a memory.

On the other hand this represents a huge advantage! Only you choose what things mean to you and Berta does the rest for you! But how do you deal with such an uncomfortable feeling coupling when Berta has become accustomed? What do you do when your Berta perhaps even linked pain to any form of "performances"? That is what the next part talks about!