- Part 1

So, Berta is fighting for you! She is here for you and never lets you down! So far so good! However, physically this means that if your nervous system exclaims general alert in case of emergency, your Berta is only doing things what she thinks is right! What Berta understands as danger is that what she has coupled with ‘pain’. Imagine one of your forefathers (a very old one, who has lived in wilderness) feels attacked.  His Berta has immediately given the alarm, turned off all the energy wasters, maximized its strength by having enriched his blood with sugar and fat and now she awaits the command either to fight or to flee! In both cases, the activation is transformed into a movement.  If there was no order executed at all, it was bad for your forefather! It means that his enemy was much faster and stronger than himself, which is no good sign. In great agony his Berta has now seen his last chance, namely to make him invisible by instinctively pretending his dead. The results were shallow, rapid breathing, tremors, inability to think, cold and wet hands, etc.

Much time has passed and our body still reacts the same. In case of emergency or things, which seem to be in danger, he switches to battle stations. He charges up with all available combat power. But how can he get rid of it again today? You may get the impression that we all stand still on our stress energy. With other words, we suppress a discharge with the help of our breathing to just get slightly less negative attention. A cheerful vicious cycle has begun. Your body feels cornered, you are not allowed to show this feeling and this makes you feel more uncomfortable in this situation as a result.

You feel powerless, which provides your organism with a feeling of danger and you react with an inner alarm etc. Now, you should only know that such a stress/alarm state would cause that the whole digestive process is stopped directly and immediately, the blood from the digestive tract is withdrawn to fed the muscles and brain to be strengthened - the misery is perfect. You drive with your body engine full throttle without actually having inserted a gear!

As it would be the same case with a car, your body has to face some problems when this happens. Not only that the attrition represents a multiple of the normal operation, a dirt, a karst formation or deposition of streaks and slags is safe.

In other words, these are symptoms of nervousness just the same as your forefather had. It's your reflex of pretending to be dead, that your Berta imposes you when you feel in danger! So let's look at how you can handle this in a useful way! How you can make an apparent weakness to a strength at this point! How you can fight your monsters, while creating strong and new reference couplings!

Out of this reason, let us turn to the miracle in your body, which was mentioned before. To the miracle that has perhaps the most important role for your Berta: your breathing! There is no other organ, no other body function and no body attribute related more to your life than to your breathing.
You can survive with no food for weeks. You even survive a few days without liquid, but there is no chance that you will survive after being only 5 minutes without any breath. Breathing expresses your mood, and responds to your physical condition. It determines your expression. It is related to everything that has happens to you in your life.

However, now we live in this harried world and there are probably no more exceptions. Stress is just purely seen as something physically, which is to equate fear directly with danger. With a big disadvantage though. This fear is only in your head, only for your Berta, your nervous system! It is so to speak, an engineered, self-inflicted danger! Your body gets a practical demand from your Berta to go into combat readiness and thus the next problems begin!

It was precisely this fear that has saved your forefathers’ life in such a dangerous situation! Imagine a wild monster would attack him. With the perception, his body was been informed by an alarm. He reacts immediately by charging up himself with all the available energy. Then, it was followed by either a loud screaming to intimidate the enemy, or it was a physical battle action instead. If all others where simply much more or much stronger, the forefather turned around and ran away as fast as he could. All these stressful actions cause a rapid and powerful discharge of energy in your body through your breathing.

Therefore, we must hook right here! We'll show you an exercise, which will help that you can break through the vicious circle. Be aware of this: your breath is your only and strongest ally. Listen to your breath as often as you can. Be aware of how much you actually trust your breathing, or how much you should do. Get to know how brave your breath is, in spite of all civilization technical disabilities, trying to help you and to ensure her smooth operation.

Try, in order to support your breath as much as you can, to observe deep and uniform breaths on you. Imagine, once you further breathe in that you inhale fresh and active energy in your body with each single breath. That you fill each cell with fresh and active energy and that you exhale all the pollutants from your body, which you simply no longer want to have. Wherever you are, whenever it is the right time, think of your breathing. Watch it only and feel a sense of gratitude about the fact that your breathing will never let your down...

Now you are strong enough to get really angry! Get angry about your annoying nervousness, or things you simply want to be angry about now, for the next few moments! Visualize this trouble on a huge monster that is just about to attack you. Put yourself now in your prehistoric forefather. Place yourself in a battle position and shout at this monster! You really have to imagine a horrible and huge monster that you are shouting at. Now make fists and tense slowly all the muscles of your body. A terrible fight will come up! Feel the breath of the monster, as it blows towards you! Ghastly and evil! This monster always keeps you in his claws, when it matters! Hit! Punch the imagined monster with fists and unload also your energy with each blow, while you make the sound of a loud "Puff". Take care that you don’t destroy any vase in your surroundings, but still fight! Slam! Fight! "Puff", "Puff", "Puff", "Puff" ,. ..................

Do you know what is happening now? You won!!!!! Feel how your anger has left the body and how much better you feel right now. You can see that it is OK to recognize his own anger and that it is important to take him serious. Also, that sometimes it is OK to show his own trouble if it is necessary. I mean, it is just the same as you laugh when you are happy!                               If you feel such a monster during your training, before a performance, a meeting, a phone call or a test ... – take time for yourself and fight! Your Berta would be happy, because you are listening to your body and giving him what he needs! You are unloading the excessed energy, but only as much as your Berta thinks is the most efficient amount! Moreover, your Berta realizes that you are strong against the monsters! That you stand your monsters, that you fight and that you WILL WIN! So, you create some reference memories exactly for such situations! You know now how valuable this is for you! Please Take your chance and try this exercise! This strengthens the emotional muscle at all its levels!


Now, at the end look again how much it needs you to be really breathless. Move your body quickly for one minute. Bounce. Sit on the floor and stand up right back again. Move your body as fast as you can and get out of breath. Think of which breathing makes you feel good in the long run during a regular and physical activity.


And now the time has come to care about your thoughts, just as a professional does!