Performers Burn-Out Syndrome

PBOS is a condition that can show in a myriad of ways. It always results from the (long lasting) loss of a “Magical Wish” (to say it with the words of mymozartScan), therefore expressed simplified: a result from loss of meaning.


PBOS is the discrepancy between motivation, driving force and personal goals on one side and the problems respectively the challenges of the cultural industry/activities on the other side.

When we are starting with our vocational training and then enter the stage our passion is at its top. Naturally we do not have any idea what to expect from business life. The more we discover about it the easier is a possible loss of the initial passion. When the level of passion drops too much and/or when there are too many unpleasant professional experiences, the passion gets fully devoured. This then results in something that I call the Un-dead zone of the PBOS.

The mymozartScan hologram strategy is a fresh, surprisingly effective approach that even helps with performers burn-out syndrome.