Artists like us, who have to deliver a certain performance at a specific time, are exposed to a special performance pressure because of the uniqueness and the strict course of time of the situation. Everybody knows the situation: You are prepared very well, have practiced everything enough times – and then your nerves don’t cooperate ... at the stage, the audition, ...
We do not have to be exposed helplessly to our nerves if we learn to understand and control the factors that are stealing our enthusiasm at the moment of truth.
mymozartScan – the shortest way from the idea to the sense of achievement

mymozartScan is the study of the sense of achievement!

It’s scientifically proven that the sense of achievement is independent from external circumstances, hard work, effort, investment and our skills.

Still the sense of achievement decides about our satisfaction and life quality - in big things as in small.

That means first of all we HAVE TO study the sense of achievement!

For a long time those structures were a secret and just partially  explored. We take the sense of achievement for granted but that’s not true.

We also can learn just with the sense of achievement. It doesn’t matter what we learn (trombone, clarinet, Franklin, Feldenkrais, mental training, …) before we have to dedicate ourselves to the sense of achievement to be successful.

mymozartScan is the natural language of effortless learning. Whenever anybody has ever learned something, they did so applying the essence of mymozartScan. Learning is a form of growth. It is the most natural process in life. We are born with vast potential driving our inalienable curiosity to discover, learn, and understand.

This is mymozartScan!