The Magic Spine: emotional direction

We do have our Berta for one single purpose: She wants us to enjoy life to the fullest! She makes sure that we can experience our life with loads of joy, fun, passion, love, growth, learning and most of all enthusiasm. That is why, and only because of that, she will always do anything to prevent you from pain! But that’s not enough so she will intend to avoid everything that could possibly lead to pain – or even anything that has ever lead to pain in your past. And by doing that your Berta is very uncompromising! Seems legit somehow! How could she possibly “guarantee” your well-being, if she allowed you to get yourself into a dangerous situation?

And now it is going to be exciting: Your Berta knows exactly, that there are no guarantees for enthusiasm in this world outside. Theoretically everything could turn into pain all of a sudden. But that would turn everything into a “potential pain factor”!

Further on this means that pain – and everything that Berta might consider as pain – always comes from the outside to the inside. But what that actually means – and now it is getting dramatic – is that enthusiasm, passion, joy, love, learning, growth, laughing and healing does unexceptionally have to flow from the inside to the outside. An olive stone can grow to a mighty olive tree under certain circumstances. In this case the surroundings does indeed have a supporting effect. Certainly the tree will grow from the inside to the outside, blossom and bear fruits – and there is exactly no possibility to get a blooming tree into a small seed or stone.

The usage of this simple but rather spectacular principle is the magic spine of Mymozartscan and therefore of everything that works, also of Musicians For Refugees! This principle is universal and is valid for every living being on this planet, no matter whether they are plants, beetles, moles, tiger or humans from the first cell division on until the end of all days!

It explains learning and growth, demonstrates why there cannot be such things as “false” and “mistakes” and why “Hope-performances” are really no good idea for Berta.

But there is certainly a tiny obstacle in this story: Everything that we do only have in our minds is what we do not apply in delicate situations, because we are “switching to autopilot” – so we are just taking on conditioned reflexes. So you have necessarily have to translate the desired application of the tendency of emotions into the language of Berta, so that your enthusiasm can be activated fully automatically without you doing anything.

And that is what then takes => “behavioural food”