"Everything should be made as simple as possible - but not simpler!

Albert Einstein


Stage fright - a malady that strikes all performers at all levels of experience. An autonomous reaction to the performing situation that is ingrained in the human system?

Consider the following description: "Pounding heart and rapid pulse, tenseness of muscles, dryness of throat or mouth, `nervous perspiration', or `cold sweat', `butterflies in the stomach', sense of unreality, trembling, confusion, weakness, loss of memory, nausea, inability to concentrate, ...".

Any performing artist could verify that these are symptoms of stage fright, but this description is taken from an account of symptoms of fear experienced by US-Army pilots on bombing runs during World War II. Though this physiological reaction to fear has evolved over millions of years their connection to a performing situation is a relative young one. Stage fright is a conditioned reflex that can be reconditioned into the feeling of strength, joy and self confidence.
It is like learning a new skill: handling the own mind and nervous system in front of an audience. So mymozartScan is not a therapy but a way of living and a set of new useful tools for the performing artist.

When you ask performing artists - musicians, actors - or other people who have to speak or act in non-repeatable situations - teachers, students, conference-speakers, athletes - what they mean by having stage-fright or "nerve instability", the answer is most likely to contain one or several of the following points:

- difficulty with concentration;
- lack of motivation, unclear goals;
- existential fear;
- the feeling of being unlucky;
- the feeling of not performing to one's potential;
- physical blocks - trembling, sweating, feeling paralyzed;
- occasional or constant lack of energy;
- lacking a clear sense of self;
- lack of self-confidence;
- addiction to tranquilizers;
- the inability to find emotional or physical tranquility;
- the feeling of not being free to be creative;
- worsening standards due to "nervous tension";
- the feeling of not being understood;
- helplessness;
- frustration;
- the inability to "come out of one's shell" on stage;
- fear of failure.

mymozartScan is dedicated to all those who suffer from one or several of the above problems and are looking for help. Obviously it is not easy to define this thing called stage-fright or "nerves". And certainly it is no personal fault if you have to think through your situation. You should, however, find out the reasons that lead to your stage-fright! Only by knowing these, are you in a position to overcome it efficiently!